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Something We've Never Been

I don't know what lies down this road / But I know the voice that calls / It's been calling us for years / So as we say goodbye to all this / every soul that we've held dear / we're not alone / we're not alone

so take my hand and walk with me / I don't know what's yet to be / but I'm stepping out / eyes set on the great unknown / don't you know we've gotta let go / and dream again / to be something we've never been

the city rises up like a thief / and it steals our hearts away / like the breaking of the day / the clouds are rolled away / and there is hope

ok, baby, ready, set / steady in the trial and the "no, not yet" / we might sow in a night of tears / we'll be laughing in the morning when the joy is here / ok, baby, here we go / eyes out on the prize and the great unknown / there's a better us than we've ever been / if we take a little walk and just dream again

maybe they'll say we're crazy / or just wasting time / but baby I cannot wait to see this dream take flight